Electrical Enclosures (eHouse)

RDI Enclosures offers custom built turnkey enclosures for housing electrical control systems used in production plant environments. These specially designed eHouses provide a controlled operating environment with built in climate control and fire suppression systems.

With our extensive experience in building control systems RDI Enclosures not only fabricates the housing for your control system, but will also fully integrate the electrical control system into the enclosure. This provides cost and time savings during installation, engineering, project management and field services, as the entire unit can be delivered fully tested and on site ready for power. In addition, each eHouse is designed for either indoor or outdoor use allowing for flexibility in locating the control system, especially on projects where space availability is limited.

Each RDI Enclosure features:
RDI Enclosures Electrical Enclosure

  • Self supporting floor system
  • Non combustible construction
  • Redundant Climate control system
  • Fire suppression system
  • Control Panels
  • Electrical Panels
  • Transformer
  • Wire management
  • Grounding
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting

For more information contact RDI Enclosures and speak with one of our design specialists.

RDI Enclosures Ehouse Structure

rdi enclosures ehouse structure