Meter Control Buildings

The RDI Enclosures team goes above and beyond to work with gas utility customers to build custom enclosures for housing gate stations used in the system for delivery of natural gas.  Sensitive equipment used for gas distribution whereby incoming gas from a main transmission line is separated into individual distribution lines requires proper protection from nature’s elements and effective sound dampening so as not to present a nuisance.  These specialized functioning buildings are important in protecting and housing the equipment used for such gas distribution and delivery systems.

Each RDI Enclosure features: RDI Enclosures Meter Control Building

  • Modular construction for a quick one day installation.
  • Custom cutouts to drop over existing 14” gas piping
  • Custom wall panels for sound attenuation
  • Class 1 Division 2 electrical equipment
  • All lights, outlets and electrical panel installed prior to delivery.
  • Non Combustible

For more information contact RDI Enclosures and speak with one of our design specialists.

RDI Enclosures Existing Site for Meter Control Building

RDI Enclosures Existing Site for Meter Control Building