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Providing Complete Prefabricated Building Solutions

Standard Buildings

Standard Buildings

The most bare-bones of all of our prefab building options are fitted with 4 walls and a roof.



Most common building option to protect for electrical applications.

Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings

Prefabricated buildings for larger applications that are broken down into multiple sections.

Knock-Down Buildings

Knock-Down Buildings

A customized 2D panel solution for confined spaces or limited construction access.

Modified Shipping Containers

Modified Shipping Containers

Modified shipping containers tailored to your specific applications.

On-Site Buildings

On-Site Buildings

For buildings that require full customized assembly at your location.


We have the facility, people and resources to handle everything from receiving of equipment to delivery of the building on-site.


We are dedicated to providing you with prefabricated buildings, which are completely customized with your exact specifications to protect your critical equipment. We offer various outer and inner materials including brick, aggregate stone, aluminum, and corrugated metal. Our capabilities also include building restoration, roof replacement, wind and snow load modifications based on geographical needs, and fire rated walls that can be integrated post-installation of your custom building.


Standard on all prefabricated buildings

  • Completely welded post and beam structure
  • Standing-Seam, Galvalume Steel Roof
  • Exposed fastener wall panels with Kynar 500® Coating
  • 4” Deep Wall Structure
  • Insulation System
  • Future expansion of building length
  • Easily repair exterior of building
Prefabricated Building


Send us your equipment and we’ll integrate it into the building process for a fully completed building upon delivery.


We have cross-industrial expertise.

We specialize in systems across industries, giving us experience and insights that add value to every customer job.

We solve problems that matter.

From data centers to mining, transportation to power, we are trusted by engineers to protect critical equipment systems from the elements and time.

We’re in it for the long-term.

The systems we protect are built to last—so are the buildings we make to protect them and the customer relationships we build.

We go above and beyond to get the job done.

Our customers count on us to meet their demanding specifications and schedules because no matter what it takes—we deliver.

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