Industrial enclosures and systems for a broad spectrum of industries, including telecommunications, natural gas, water processing & electrical power generation & distribution.

RDI Enclosures & Systems produces fully engineered, turnkey solutions to surround and protect your most important equipment and systems.

Whether your needs include an “enclosure only” solution or a fully integrated shelter, you can be assured that our buildings adhere to strict requirements for quality, performance and value.  And because we are part of The RDI Group, we can offer capabilities such as engineering services, system testing, site development, and on-site installation services.

Our 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility gives us the opportunity to offer our customers a complete, in-house package including electrical, mechanical and piping installation, as well as a fully assembled structure, saving you time, money, management and logistics.

RDI enclosures are custom-built, allowing us to use a wide variety of materials including aluminum, steel, fiberglass, brick and aggregate. We also offer many different construction options for a variety of applications.  Our designs are found in numerous industries such as, transportation, communications, power and utilities.  From pump houses and computer rooms to metering stations and fiber optic buildings, we can meet any expectation you might have.  RDI Enclosures & Systems has placed shelters and enclosures in many different locations and environments around the world, including everything from mountain tops and off-shore to roof tops and confined spaces.

RDI Enclosures & Systems is your complete shelter solution. Our mission is to provide you with as many options as possible while still producing the world-class quality and innovation that you would expect from an RDI Group company.