Industrial Building Solutions
RDI Enclosures offers a wide range of prefabricated industrial buildings suited for virtually any application. Whether your customized solution needs to be built on-site around existing equipment, or preassembled for quick installation, we have the resources to provide a high-quality building tailored exactly to your specifications.
Standard Buildings

Standard Buildings

The most bare-bones of all of our prefabricated building options are fitted with 4 walls and a roof. Flooring options are available depending on your application.



Most common building option for protection of electrical control systems, substations, and other power distribution networks.

Prefabricated Modular Building

Modular Buildings

Prefabricated buildings suited for larger applications shipped in sections and assembled together at your location.

Knock-Down Buildings

A customized solution for confined spaces or limited construction access.

Modified Shipping Container

Modified Shipping Containers

Modified shipping containers tailored to your needs.

On-Site Buildings

On-Site Buildings

For buildings that require complete assembly at your location.

Lead-Lined Building

Beamline Shielding Enclosures

Radiation shielded enclosure options to provide protection from radiation equipment escaping in other areas of your facility.


Many of our competitors use screws and clips to hold together the structure of your building. To maximize rigidity and strength, we have standardized the use of welding the posts and beams together.