Prefabricated Building Solutions

The Versatility of Modified Shipping Containers for Any Purpose

Modified Shipping Containers are one of our most cost-effective solutions to providing safety and security for your equipment and operational needs. Each of our modified shipping container can be easily modified and custom fit with essentials like control panels, lighting, and HVAC, so you have a fully functional workspace at your site.
Modified Shipping Container
We can source the shipping containers from our facility or retrofit your custom design with a variety of additions, including:
We are more than happy to offer our modular buildings with or without flooring, depending on your need, and to accommodate your existing equipment and structures.
Modified Shipping Container

Convenient Shipping and Delivery

The beauty of modified shipping containers is they can be quickly placed on trains, trucks, or boats to reach locations around the world. Our clients tend to order in groups of containers they intend to place side by side, double stacked, or other configurations for larger applications.

Incredibly Fast Installation

It takes very little time to get your modified shipping container up and running. Simply connect your modified shipping container after delivery and installation, and you’ll be back on track with your site’s schedule in no time.
Reach out to our support team to learn more about the many repurposing options for shipping container buildouts, including electronic equipment, water utilities, sanitation rooms, and many more. These convenient solutions provide excellent economic, durable, and sustainable protection for your needs.

In-house Engineering and Design Capabilities

Everything we do is all in-house in our 120,000sq.ft. facility located in Itasca, IL. Our capabilities include fast customized designs and quotes, painting, high-quality welding, CNC machining, complete UL panel builds, controls programming, custom equipment incorporation, thorough inspections, shipping, installation, and various turnkey services to keep your operations moving forward.

Additional Options

Select from any of these options to include with your custom designed E-House solution from RDI Enclosures: