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Prefabricated Solutions for the Electric Utilities Industry

Prefabricated buildings play a vital role in the electrical utilities industry. These versatile, carefully engineered buildings offer protection for various equipment in diverse industrial, building, and utility applications.
At RDI Enclosures & Systems, we offer complete prefabricated building solutions and reliable systems from the leading names in software controls. All of our buildings used for electric utilities can include UL 508A Certified Control Panels.
We offer integrated RTU and HMI equipment for buildings that require specific control systems to help you get the job done with ease. Our engineers also provide corrosion, chemical, and impact resistance.
Electric Utilities Industry

Applications For Our Electric Utilities Buildings

We ensure that your equipment is protected by providing fully customizable buildings to meet your exact specifications. Our prefabricated buildings provide many applications in the electrical utilities industry.
At RDI Enclosures, our engineers will work with you to create high-quality buildings that match or complement your buildings’ look and materials. Our building solutions can offer you the following benefits:

Equipment Protection

Prefabricated buildings protect against harsh weather conditions, like heavy winds, snow loads, and other elements. They preserve different types of electrical equipment or machinery when not in use.
Our electric utilities buildings are designed for maximum protection and reliability. We can adapt our solutions depending on your geographical requirements.

Full Equipment Integration

At RDI Enclosures, our prefabricated buildings offer a streamlined integration of multiple pieces of electrical equipment. These allow for a convenient plug-and-play solution.
We can also integrate custom power system components in an environmentally controlled space to help you protect your investment.

Quick Lead Times

The use of prefabricated buildings provides quicker lead times starting from the initial request to solution delivery compared to constructing a building on the job site.
This option significantly minimizes downtime by reducing the potential impact of multiple construction trades and various equipment delivery schedules.

Ease of Assembly

Prefabricated buildings offer ease and simplicity in terms of installation. Our team ensures that all our structures are built 100% complete to eliminate any post-delivery installation.
You will receive a fully drop-shipped integrated building capable of faster setup or assembly. This allows you to easily incorporate your own equipment and start operations the same day.


At RDI Enclosures, we work to provide you with cost-effective building solutions custom-tailored to your needs and requirements.
Our prefabricated buildings are properly constructed, secured, wired, and tested at our facility before shipment. This option helps reduce the cost of production, on-site labor costs, and quality-related issues.

Noise Reduction

Buildings serve as a great way to control and reduce excessive noises from the inside out. Our building solutions feature solid construction that can contain noise and prevent it from carrying through to the rest of your facility.

Highly Customizable

At RDI Enclosures & Systems, we are dedicated to protecting your equipment. You can rely on us to create completely customized solutions that suit your specific needs.
Our prefabricated buildings can be manufactured using various outer and inner materials, including aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and metal. We also offer a wide range of capabilities that can be integrated into your enclosure.
You can select from any of the following options to include with your custom prefabricated electrical utilities building:


Industry Leading Experience

Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities at RDI Enclosures are supported by The RDI Group and other industry-leading brands. This has expanded our capabilities, enabling us to offer you unique enclosure solutions unmatched by our competitors.
For over 115 years, The RDI Group has been helping customers from many different industries to improve their productivity and profits. They include roofing, construction, metal coil processing, power, telecommunications, and medical industries.


Our prefabricated custom buildings provide maximum versatility, allowing them to be used in various industries, such as power, utilities, transportation, and communications. RDI Enclosures & Systems offer efficient solutions that meet the demands of our customers in any project.
From rooftops and confined spaces to off-shore rigs and mountain tops, we have successfully placed buildings in every location and environment.


We can provide all the electrical equipment needed to produce a unique and cost-effective solution. Our salesmen team will perform on-site evaluations to give you suggestions or alternatives for the project.
If you require any modifications or repair services, our prefabricated buildings come with flexible options. They include lifting attachments to make equipment repairs and installation more convenient. We also offer expandability to accommodate additional space and equipment.

Superior Quality & Performance

Customers can rest assured that we deliver solutions with superior quality, integrity, and value. Our team takes the time to understand your unique requirements and do our best to fulfill them.
At RDI Enclosures & Systems, we integrate our extensive experience and innovative designs into all enclosure solutions. We strive to develop customized buildings and buildings that will exceed your expectations for overall performance.