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Power Equipment


The Power Equipment industry is vital for every business. When the power goes out, how do you keep your operations running?
We understand the critical importance of standby power in emergency situations. Whether its your job to keep the power on or need backup power when outages occur, we have the tools to keep your operations running even when the lights go out.
With the amount of power standby equipment increasing more and more every year, auxiliary power is also being integrated into more industrial structures.
Our power equipment enclosures provide a great solution for a variety of applications. These enclosures can be equipped with diesel and mobile generators, compressors, batteries, solar power and energy storage so you will never have to worry about another outage again.
For those looking for a more green option, solar panels can be integrated into your enclosure to provide a clean source of renewable energy.
Power Equipment


  • Pump Houses
  • Diesel Generator Stations
  • Blower Housings
  • Compressor
  • Mobile Generator Packs
  • Control Rooms
  • E-Houses

Power Equipment Enclosures

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The engineering and manufacturing capabilities of RDI Enclosures are supported by The RDI Group’s experience gained from the roofing, construction, telecommunications, power, metal coil processing, and medical industries
over 115 years.


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