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Prefabricated Solutions for the Power Equipment Industry

Find industry-standard prefabricated power equipment buildings at RDI Enclosures & Systems, home to power equipment buildings for various applications.

The power equipment industry is essential in every business. Standby power is critical in emergencies, such as natural disasters. We understand their importance, so we are committed to bringing the tools that you need to keep your business running even when lights are out.

    Power Equipment

    When it comes to generator buildings, you can rely on RDI Enclosures & Systems to have exactly what you need. Whether it is to keep your power on or have backup power in case an outage occurs, we have prefabricated power generation buildings that can support your business. With us, there’s no need to worry about losing money all because of unforeseen power outages.

      Benefits of Using Prefabricated Power Equipment Buildings

      No More Inconveniences

      No business would want to lose money, but that is exactly what happens when you lose power and don’t have a backup plan. For commercial buildings, blackouts mean more than just profits, however. They include:

        • Security risks: Most commercial buildings have security systems in place, from electrically charged fences to CCTVs. Without power, these systems will not function as intended. The longer this goes on, the greater the risk of trespassing and theft.
        • Safety problems: Commercial buildings rely on lights for the sake of visibility. Unfortunately, when these light sources go out, the reduced visibility leads to a greater risk of injury.

        Protection From the Elements

        RDI Enclosures & Systems provides power equipment buildings that businesses can utilize for various applications. With our prefabricated power generation buildings, you can always have standby power during emergencies. Otherwise, your generators will prove useless if they’re affected by elemental exposure and aren’t ready during a crisis.

          Various Applications

          Our power equipment buildings are sturdy and can be equipped with mobile and diesel generators, solar power, compressors, batteries, and energy storage. You can even integrate solar panels into them if you prefer green options.

          Here are some of the applications you use our generator buildings for:

            • Diesel Generator Stations
            • Pump Houses
            • Mobile Generator Packs
            • Blower Housing
            • Control Rooms
            • Compressors

            Browse through our website or call us to learn more about prefabricated power equipment buildings in Chicago, IL.


            Power Equipment Buildings
            Power Equipment Buildings
            Power Equipment Buildings
            Power Equipment Buildings
            Power Equipment Buildings
            Power Equipment Buildings

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