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Solutions for Prefabricated Data Centers

Data center buildings are the hearts and souls of modern organizations. These are the areas where important information is kept, processed, and shared with the various networks and systems in place.
Since it is one of the most vital locations of a company, it is only reasonable to ensure that the data center is kept protected by applying the appropriate enclosures. This is what we specialize in at RDI Enclosures and Systems.
Prefabricated Data Centers

Applications of Prefabricated Data Centers

We are experts in designing, crafting, and providing prefabricated data centers that are stable and capable of keeping valuable company servers, computers, and other IT equipment safe.
Besides server data centers, some of the other applications of our structures include:
As our client, you get to choose how you want your data center to be. You can select different sizes from a single room where you can store assets for minor operations to large data center buildings capable of housing hundreds of valuable equipment.

We Meet Changing Demands

Companies that have started employing modular data centers have learned that, unlike traditional designs, prefabricated solutions can be engineered to meet specific requirements. This means that such structures can be made to fit into the desired location where their secure framework is located.
At RDI Enclosures and Systems, we know that the data center space is continuously evolving with demands capable of changing rapidly. That’s why our services aim to minimize the complexities that come with creating data center buildings.
Our experts will work with you from start to finish. You provide us with your preferences, specifications, and requirements and we’ll come back with you on the best design possible that meets your needs.
Besides being flexible and scalable, our solutions are also cost-effective, making them ideal even for small and medium-sized entities.
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