Data Center

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RDI Enclosures specializes in expertly engineered, tailor-made modular systems that are essential for data centers, safeguarding critical IT infrastructure. Our scalable designs ensure your data support components are housed securely, with flexibility to upgrade and expand.

Prefabricated Data Centers

Unrivaled Expertise in Digital Infrastructure Solutions

At RDI Enclosures, we understand the rapidly evolving demands of our data-driven world. Our customized buildings and skid mounted solutions are engineered for resilience, efficiency, and seamless functionality, delivered complete.

With a focus on prefabrication, we meet the diverse infrastructure needs of data centers, delivering efficient, scalable modular solutions that evolve with you. Our goal is to provide you with solutions, not just buildings

Seamless Integration for Optimized Performance

Our experienced team intricately integrates the vital systems that power and protect your data center:

  • Electrical distribution equipment like switchgear, transformers, UPS – tailored to your specifications
  • Cooling and ventilation control systems designed for your unique heat load
  • Monitoring systems for remote access and redundancy
  • Pre-wired, pre-tested assemblies for rapid installation

With end-to-end project management and in-house engineering, we ensure every detail aligns to your needs for optimized installation and startup.

Reliable, Efficient Delivery

Prefabricated designs allow us to deliver high-quality solutions faster. Our coordinated approachincludes:

  • Comprehensive project management from start to finish
  • In-house engineering team handling every design aspect
  • Fully integrated factory and manufacturing operations streamlining production
  • Field technicians available for supervision and support at your site

We focus on complete integration of your systems to provide you with turnkey solutions, ready for quick installation and deployment.

Building and Infrastructure Design

From robust post-and-beam frames to versatile wall systems, our structures are built to last and protect your valuable systems. Our unique designs facilitate easy access and maintenance and are tailored to accommodate the specific requirements of your support equipment.

Rapidly Deployed, Prefabricated Digital Infrastructure Solutions

We offer a full range of solutions to meet your digital infrastructure needs Rely on our expertise to realize solutions ready for the data-driven future. We build more than buildings – we craft solutions tailored to your needs today and tomorrow.

Connect with us to discuss your next project. With decades of experience in engineering and systems design, we stand ready to exceed the requirements of your building and skid projects.