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The transportation industry has been using customized enclosures since the modernization of mass transit. Many of these enclosures consisted of uncoated steel that would eventually rust from the elements.
We have been helping the transportation industry keep up with the modernization of mass transit by providing cost effective solutions. Some of the enclosure options we provide include relay house control rooms, maintenance sheds, and enclosures for crossing signals and fuel equipment.
These custom enclosures are built for durability using high strength composite material and are lightweight to be shipped on a semi-trailer. They are also designed to be leak proof, corrosion resistant, and require minimal maintenance.
Transportation Industry


  • Relay House Control Rooms
  • Yard Personnel Enclosures
  • Enclosures for Fueling Equipment
  • Enclosures for Crossing Signals
  • Communications
  • Maintenance Sheds
  • Control Rooms
  • E-Houses

The engineering and manufacturing capabilities of RDI Enclosures are supported by The RDI Group’s experience gained from the roofing, construction, telecommunications, power, metal coil processing, and medical industries
over 115 years.