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Prefabricated Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Customized buildings, including relay house control rooms and maintenance sheds, have long been a part of the transportation industry. This is especially prevalent even with the continuous modernization of our mass transit systems.
The problem with many of these structures is that they are made with uncoated steel. Steel that is exposed to the various elements and weather will eventually degrade in quality due to rust.
This is where RDI Enclosures and Systems come in.
Transportation Industry

Types of Prefabricated Transportation Buildings

We have been providing prefabricated buildings for the transportation industry for many years. Some of our enclosure options include:
Our prefabricated structures provide the benefits of mobility thanks to their modular capabilities. Prefabrication allows you to disassemble and move these structures to a new location when needed.
In terms of consistency, our modular buildings are known for their quality and even craftsmanship. All prefabricated structures that we assemble are made within a uniform and controlled environment. This means that the buildings we provide will maintain their reliability throughout their lifespan.

Benefits of Our Prefabricated Buildings

Structures in the transportation sector rely on durability to keep both workers and the public safe. If a building is not made with stable and quality materials, then everyone who uses them is at risk of experiencing accidents.
At RDI Enclosures and Systems, our prefabricated structures are made with high-strength composite materials that are built to be reliable. Even with their durability, though, they are lightweight enough to be transported using just a semi-trailer.
Besides being sturdy, our prefabricated relay houses and enclosures are resistant to corrosion and leakage while requiring less maintenance compared to other structures.
Our capabilities are backed by the experience and skill of The RDI Group, particularly with their expertise in the roofing, construction, and telecommunications industries.
Find out how our prefabricated structures for the transportation industry can benefit you by contacting us today.