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We put advanced engineering to work for our customers’ unique industrial demands to design and deliver turnkey building solutions that save time today and protect for tomorrow.
Our customers provide mission-critical services to their communities—from data centers to mining, transportation to power. We help them protect their equipment so they can continue to deliver those services that, in essence, enable people, businesses, and communities to operate.

First of all, we problem solve.
Our customers—usually in-house or consulting engineering teams—come to us with their goals, schedules and ideas. Together we work to design totally customized building solutions that meet their specific needs.

Second, we’re totally dedicated.
The people we work with know they can count on us day or night to help them get the job done.

Finally, everything we do is for the long-term.
We use best-in-class materials and techniques that not only help our customers save money, but make the building solutions we deliver stand the test of time.

We’ve served customers across so many industries—from technology to power, mining to manufacturing. Further we are a recognized leader in building enclosures. We’ve gained so much experience, that we’re equipped to take anything on.

We have advanced engineering and systems expertise in-house that allows us to deliver fully-integrated solutions.

We are totally turnkey. We have the facility, people and resources to handle everything from receiving of equipment to delivery of the building onsite.

We work on projects that matter. We are trusted by engineers that are working to protect critical infrastructure and systems in industries like utilities, transportation and technology that power our world.

We go above and beyond to get the job done—no matter how demanding the schedules or specifications.

Our buildings are built to last just like the systems they protect. As part of a company that’s been around for over a century, we understand the value of thinking long-term.