Modified Shipping Containers are common in many industries. It’s not uncommon to see them used as a temporary workspace, or used to extend an existing industrial space.

Although originally designed for shipping goods, in recent years they have found new life as modified work and living units.

With a little imagination, a storage container (or several) can be modified and used in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting, serving a wide variety of purposes.

Still not convinced?

Here are 10 uses for modified shipping containers:


1) Control Systems


Modular shipping containers can become control system stations for either onsite or remote applications. They can be positioned in a location that allows a site manager or foreman to survey the entire site. They can easily move from one site to the next and used in any industry. This includes industries that require rugged structures such as the mining and timber industries.

  Shipping Container Control Systems  

2) Compressions Stations


Shipping containers can act as compatible, plug-in-play turnkey compression stations for the natural gas industry. They can easily be installed along a pipeline route to ensure gas gets delivered effectively and safely.

  Shipping Container Compression Station  

3) Storage Solutions


A shipping container can always gain new life as a storage solution-again. After all, that’s what they were built for, so why not reuse them for their original purpose, albeit in a slightly different way?

A shipping container can serve as either a short or long-term storage solution for domestic or commercial use.

Depending on your storage needs, you may need few modifications to your container, further driving down the overall cost to repurpose your new storage unit.

  Shipping Container Storage Solutions  

4) Indoor Garden or Growing Facility

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Using a shipping container for an indoor garden may not sound like a smart idea. But with a few modifications, you can turn a container into a perfect indoor garden for either individual or commercial use.

In recent years numerous companies have sprung up that sell shipping container gardens. With a shipping container, you can control aspects like weather, temperature, pests, and soil quality much easier than you would in a traditional garden. Herbs, greens, microgreens, and other fruits and vegetables can be grown just like they would in a traditional garden or greenhouse.

  Shipping Container Growing Facility  

5) Portable Bathrooms


Shipping containers can serve as bathrooms at special events or outdoor venues. Even a small shipping container is going to be more spacious than a typical porta potty.

With a little additional modification, you can also ensure your portable bathroom is climate-controlled and comfortable year-round.

  Portable Bathroom Shipping Container  

6) Emergency Hospital or Medical Facility


Shipping containers have long been used as emergency hospitals and medical facilities.

Some states have started using shipping containers as COVID testing facilities during the pandemic. The containers can easily be made into custom clinics for urgent medical needs.

  Emergency Medical Facility Shipping Container  

7) Onshore or Offshore Living Quarters


If your company requires living quarters for temporary workers, consider using shipping containers. Multiple shipping containers can be modified to include bunk beds for sleeping spaces, a kitchen, a dining hall, and more.

  Onshore or Offshore Living Facility  

8) Hotels


Shipping containers can be modified and fitted to serve as hotels, either as permanent hotel structures or temporary hotel sites.

These shipping container hotels can be upscale ski resorts, glamping sites, your local eclectic place, or luxury hostels. No matter where in the world you are, you can find cool shipping container hotels.

With shipping containers, your imagination and personal taste are your biggest limits when it comes to design.

  Shipping Container Hotels  

9) Houses


Shipping container homes have become popular in recent years, especially in tiny housing and sustainable living circles, where they are often upcycled into new homes. Instead of being thrown away and unused, they get repurposed and given a new use.

Generally, multiple containers are usually combined and modified to form one larger structure. Shipping container homes can be one container single-story dwellings, stacked containers to form multi-story housing, or multiple ground story containers connected via corridors to form different wings or living spaces.

Some homeowners choose to make their shipping container home their primary residence. Others use their container home as a vacation home or weekend retreat. Others may only desire one small shipping container, and use it as a guest home or in-law, or granny suite.

  Shipping Container Houses