There are a number of scenarios where your business might have a case for expanding your existing building versus installing a brand new one. Maybe the equipment inside your current structure is incredibly sensitive or difficult to uninstall, or perhaps your facility simply can’t afford the downtime their removal and reinstallation would cause.

Whatever the case may be, RDI Enclosures & Systems offers a variety of solutions to help you expand your current building seamlessly. To help demonstrate our capabilities, we’ve put together an example from a real installation our team recently completed.


Planning to Expand


Our client for this project is in the Oil & Gas industry. The client had an operational facility with an existing 56ft enclosure full of their critical equipment. Due to their growing capacity needs, they urgently needed to add more space to their building.

The client reached out to RDI Enclosures & Systems to help them solve this challenge. Our installation team quickly scheduled a visit to assess their growing operational needs. We conducted on-site requirements gathering for the project and determined there was sufficient space to add on to their existing building. After taking measurements, we concluded that we would be able to fit the addition to the back of their property line and septic tanks.

  Building Foundation - Expanding an Existing Enclosure  

Building a Bigger Space


Now that we had a plan in place to non-invasively expand the client’s existing building, our top priority was maintaining structural integrity while removing a wall from the new building segment. The RDI team arrived at the client’s facility with the new structural components and got to work right away. To begin, the foundation of the new building was built and merged with the foundation of the existing building, providing a sturdy base for the rest of the install and allowing us to validate all the critical installation dimensions.

After securing the new building foundation, our team raised steel beams that would provide structural support and form the shape of the new building. Once the walls were finished, we added the double doors, insulation, and siding to form a fully finished building.

Now that the new building was up and attached to the existing one, it was time to turn our two buildings into one. We removed the inside wall that separated the buildings interiors. The installation team conducted their final cleanup and safety inspections, and the project was complete.

  Raising Steel Beams - Expanding an Existing Enclosure  

The Finished Product


Our client now had a much larger enclosure with unrestricted access to all of their equipment and doors on both ends for ease of access. Before the installation, our design team worked with the client to identify material finishes and colors that would complement the existing structure, resulting in a cohesive, professional finish for the final product.

True to the client’s original goal, the operation of their facility was uninterrupted, and their equipment experienced little to no downtime. They were incredibly pleased with RDI’s results and we look forward to more projects with them in the future!

  Finished Expansion - Expanding an Existing Enclosure  

Is Your Building Running Out Of Space?


If this project sounds like the enclosure solution you’re looking for, or you have other reasons for expanding an existing enclosure, we’d love to talk to you about it. Whether the addition needs to be built on-site or delivered in full and attached, we’ve completed expansion projects of all shapes and sizes. Our team of design and installation experts can visit your location and help you put together an action plan that perfectly fits your facility’s needs.