Beamline Shielding Enclosures

Prefabricated Building Solutions

The Security and Structural Safety You Need

We are proud to offer industries like healthcare, energy, and industrial sites the added protection of lead-lined enclosures. These carefully designed structures offer radiation-shielded buildings that make your location safe to work in and around.
Outside of the healthcare field, we often see our x-ray protected buildings and lead-lined doors used in imaging centers and laboratories. This helps prevent any radiation from escaping your facility and seeping into the ground or other natural resources so you can continue operations while remaining eco-conscious.
Lead-Lined Building
We provide lead-lined buildings for organizations, including:

Full Customization

Like our other prefabricated buildings, these radiation-shielded buildings are customized to fit your job site, including matching materials that look like your previous buildings. Once a lead-lined building has been installed, we always follow up with radiation testing to ensure no leaks are occurring around the new building.
Reach out to our team today to learn more about our lead-lined building options, including the thickness of doors required for your location’s needs.

In-house Engineering and Design Capabilities

Everything we do is all in-house in our 120,000sq.ft. facility located in Itasca, IL. Our capabilities include fast customized designs and quotes, painting, high-quality welding, CNC machining, complete UL panel builds, controls programming, custom equipment incorporation, thorough inspections, shipping, installation, and various turnkey services to keep your operations moving forward.

Additional Options

Select from any of these options to include with your custom designed E-House solution from RDI Enclosures: