Custom Compressor Buildings by RDI Enclosures: Enhancing Efficiency and Innovation

At RDI Enclosures, we recognize the essential nature of compressor buildings in various industrial applications. Our specialized compressor buildings are designed for robust performance, efficiency, and offer unrivaled customization to meet your exact needs.

What Makes RDI’s Compressor Buildings Stand Out?

  • Robust Design: Our fully welded post and beam construction ensures strength and long-lasting performance.
  • Full Engineering Support: Our team of engineers provides customized design and comprehensive project management.
  • Compliance: We follow UL, NEC, and local building codes, ensuring complete safety and reliability in our compressor buildings.
  • Customization Options: Building exterior options to blend in with existing surrounding areas. We can also offer two room option so controls can be on one side and compressor on the other side.

Our Compressor Buildings Features

  • Types of Equipment: Compressors, dryers, electrical equipment, piping, oil separators, filters, and more.
  • Custom Equipment Installation: Benefit from our 120 years of experience in pre-manufactured buildings for precise quality installation.
  • Compliance Measures: Meeting local codes and standards, including proper ventilation and temperature controls.

Ensuring Quality and Reliability

At RDI, our commitment to excellence is deeply rooted in our comprehensive quality management systems manual. This guide encompasses a wide spectrum, from training and safety processes to project management, welding, painting, and electrical procedures. We adhere to a strict quality management system, covering diverse facets including training and safety, remains unwavering. Additionally, the quickness of RDI in effectively managing emergencies or disruptions ensures your power supply’s uninterrupted reliability, giving you the utmost peace of mind.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Staying ahead of the curve, RDI Enclosures focuses on continuous growth and adaptation to the latest industry trends. Explore more about how our prefabricated buildings enhance quality control in construction.

Choose RDI for Your Compressor Buildings Needs

Selecting RDI means opting for quality engineering, structural integrity, and customization. Our commitment to innovation allows us to create compressor buildings tailored to your unique requirements.

Ready to discover how RDI Enclosures’ compressor buildings can streamline your operations? Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn how RDI’s expertise can fuel your business growth.